Episode 22: Practical Product Transitions w/Garrett Dimon

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Today we have Garrett Dimon (founder of Sifter) on the show. Garrett shares the story of his transition from consulting to products.

Bootstrapped Product Talking Points

  • How to scale big-company testing practices down to your size
  • How to keep an eye on costs
  • How to avoid “desperation freelancing”
  • How to maintain productivity despite health troubles

Garrett-related links:

Sifter –┬áIssue tracking for nimble teams
@garrettdimon – Garrett’s Twitter feed
Garrett’s blog

Show notes & links:

SmallSpec – Christophers painless functional specification product (join the launch list)
Cogeian Systems – Christophers consulting practice
Starting + Sustaining – build and launch a saas web app with less pain and fewer mistakes.

Garrett has had an interesting career. I’ve been following his writing since way back when he was at BrightCorner. These days he has made the transition from consulting to products, but it took a while. He had to fight some interesting battles along the way to being ablet o create, market and sell his own app. Along the way he also managed to put together a book/spreadsheet and task list to help other would-be founders launch their own Saas app.

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