This is Chasing Product, the podcast helping freelancers and consultants transition from client work to launching bootstrapped software products.

I’m Christopher Hawkins and as I make this transition myself, you can learn how right along with me.

If you want to get out of client work and in to product work, then you are Chasing Product.

About Chris

profileI’ve been building web applications since 1999, successfully completing projects for business of every size, from Fortune 500s on down to Mom-and-Pop shops.

Day-to-day, most of my time is spent managing a custom web development consulting firm.  I also author a software industry blog and have been published in Software Development Magazine (now Dr. Dobbs).

record-releaseRecently, I authored a book entitled RECORD & RELEASE: Learn How To Podcast In Just One Day.  This book explains how to start your very own podcast quickly and easily as a means to help you gain status and notoriety as a subject-matter authority, and effectively build an audience by reaching your entire market.

After 10 years in the consulting industry, I’ve decided to apply all of that app-development and project-management experience to developing a bootstrapped software product of my own.

This podcast chronicles my experiences for the benefit of other would-be entrepreneurs, while calling upon established software product veterans to share lessons on how to do it right – and how to know when you’re doing it wrong!



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