Episode 19: Saas Marketing Essentials w/Ryan Battles

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This episode of Chasing Product features Ryan Battles, walking us through the essentials of Saas marketing.

Bootstrapped Product Talking Points

  • Why you have to carefully vet your team
  • The importance of validating & iterating quickly
  • How to organically suss out pain points
  • Why there’s no magic to funded startups

Ryan-related links:

RyanBattles.com – home page for all of Ryans work
Saas Marketing Essentials – Ryans new book (free chapter & coupon for Chasing Product listeners)
Harpoon – a financial planning, invoicing, forecasting, and metrics app designed just for freelancers

Show notes & links:

SmallSpec – Christophers product-under-development, painless functional specifications
Cogeian Systems – Christophers consulting practice
Expression Engine
Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn
Dan Martell
Rob Walling
Bootstrapped podcast
Ian Landsman
Andrey Butov
Tom Jaeger
Lean Startup
Louis CK – let it come back from space!
Dan Norris – 7 day startup

Ryan started out with a regular job, but quickly figured out he wanted to do product for passive income. We talk about his early experience building a community site, monetizing it along the way. We also talk about the disillusionment Ryan experienced while working at a startup and how it changed his outlook.

Along the way, Ryan figured out the black art of Saas marketing, which we also speak about. Ryan has learned a lot about both Saas development and Saas marketing along the way, including the things that happen when you hire the wrong dev, how to organically figure out pain point to address with your product, and why/when you should go with the tried-and-true practices over the “new hotness”.

Finally, we’ll hear what Ryan has to say regarding the go-to strategic Saas marketing moves that every new founder should consider.

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