Episode 20: The Non-Technical Founder w/Ron Story, Jr.

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This episode, we learn about life as a non-technical founder, courtesy of Ron Story, Jr. sharing his story with us.

Bootstrapped Product Talking Points

  • Why business is becoming commoditized
  • How to do cheap email marketing automation
  • Why surveys should be your go-to marketing move
  • What part of the founders process people shy away from, and why

Ron-related links:

Leadwarmer – Warm Leads Generation Software & Service
@ronstoryjr – Rons Twitter feed

 “People bitch about a lot of things they’re not willing to pay for.”

Hatchbuck – marketing automation software
mailchimp – send better e-mail
activecampaign – marketing automation software
bench.co – bookkeeping services for your business
Gary Vaynerchuk – I Can’t Code and You Can’t Sell Crap.
quoterelay.com – early business of Rons
Amy Hoy – creator of 30×500
Drip – E-mail marketing automation

We also talk about:
Joel Spolsky
Jason Swank
Seth Godin (“Everybody’s weird”)
John Lee Dumas

I’ll clean up the show notes later, I want to get this episode into your hands ASAP!

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