Episode 27: Founder Success Habits w/Dan Martell

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Dan Martell, founder of Clarity.fm (among others), share his story of starting out in consulting (including a hilarious, never-before-heard consulting growth hack story) and developing the success habits to move on and bootstrap companies to multiple exits. Dan has focused on success habits, service and teaching in order to build relationships and provide value in his successful career of building companies and products.

In this episode, we talk about Dans’ experience with moving from tech geek to marketing expert, the concept of founder-as-operating-system, and the importance of success habits to building companies.

Bootstrapped Product Talking Points

  • When to build an audience
  • The compound power of success habits over time
  • Why fortune 500 clients can be hesitant to hire young consultants
  • Why the CEO should be the product manager early on

 Show Notes:

Clarity.fm – On Demand Business Advice for Entrepreneurs
Flowtown – one of Dan’s acquired startups
The Right Way To Go From Services To SaaS – Dan’s video regarding how to build a product within a service company
RECORD & RELEASE – Learn How To Podcast In Just One Day (discount code provided in the episode)

With an early start in consulting, Dan soon found himself eager to tap the power of social media and developing the success habits that create products.

Dan talks about topics including how to resolve conflict with a business partner, how to tap into the power of social media, why your CEO should be your first product manager, and the importance of success habits & personal development for a founder.

To close the show, we have Dans’ 3 bullet points, offering three concrete ways to move forward as a founder.

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