Episode 17: Startup Realities w/Amy Hoy

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This episode of Chasing Product features Amy Hoy, sharing her no-BS-allowed outlook on startup realities and growing a businesses.

Bootstrapped Product Talking Points

  • Why the businesses featured in “entreporn” are outliers, not startup realities
  • How a steady stream of small wins is good for you & your customers
  • Running a startup while dealing w/health issues
  • Why lots of hours aren’t necessary to success
  • Why letting go of certain tasks will not kill you

Amy-related links:

Unicorn Free – Amy’s blog
30×500 – Amy’s educational bootcamp for aspiring founders
Freckle – Amy’s time-tracking Saas app
JavaScript Master Class – Amy’s JavaScript training course
Charm – Amy’s (now defunct) customer support Saas app
37signals isn’t mythical, you’re not paying attention – Amy’s article on one guy’s attempt to emulate 37Signals

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