Episode 8: The Importance of Small Wins w/Ivan Lopez

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Episode 8 features Ivan Lopez, founder of AB Press Optimizer and Project Conductor.  Ivan shares his tale of bootstrapping a large product, only to reconsider and do a smaller one instead.  By doing so, Ivan managed to get a small win quickly.  The momentum from that win bolstered his efforts to do a larger project.

My friends, I must apologize – WordPress ate my show notes.

I’m publishing the podcast without notes because Ivan’s story is a good one and deserves to be heard.  The concept of shifting gears to earn a small win instead of committing to a huge project is one that’s really catching on.

Proper show notes will be re-created and  posted later.

AB Press Optimizer – Ivan’s small product; The Easy Way to Increase Conversion in WordPress
Project Conductor – Ivan’s larger product; Helping You Get Your Project In Tune


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